Muhammad Maigari

What is a Domain Name?

Don’t know what a domain name is or why you need one? Read this simple guide to discover what it stands for and the registration process. What is a domain name? Domain names are your internet identity that makes it easy for people to know about you or your business online. They are the unique addresses that represents a website or internet location. They are located after the www. in an address bar like, sometimes after the @ symbol in an email address like Why you need a domain name? If you don’t secure a domain name for your business, your competitors might… Read More »

Welcome to HostBrag

Welcome to HostBrag We host, you go live, you smile! Hostbrag is a place on the Internet where you can purchase domain names, web hosting packages and everything in between for your needs and pay in a couple of minutes. Our mission is to get your web hosting and domain name needs covered with the cheapest available price and make your online presence better. You visit the internet everyday and access other people or businesses’ information, we believe that it is now the right time to let people know about you and your businesses also. Hosbrag will enable you engage with your customers in a… Read More »